- for the chakras (light body)

Application for the Chakras

Favourite Suggestions:

Use Gold Essence daily in the areas of crown, heart and root chakra (3-5 drops).

Apply your individual essence in the area of the assigned chakra. You may put it directly on the skin or mix with your favourite massage oil!

Apply Gold Essence, Silver Essence or the Rescue Essences on the inside of your elbows, wrists, back of knees or any painful parts of the body.

Enhance your facial cream with a few drops of Gold- or Silver Essence.

A few drops of Gold Essence in your favourite hair tonic makes for an enlivened head massage!

To soothe disharmonies you may use Gold Essence or the Rescue Essences on all kind of scars.

If you are in the need for grounding, massage Ruby Essence or Chrysoberyl Essences onto the soles of your feet.

"Weekly Treatment with the power of the planets" with Gem- or Metal Essences: 3-5 drops three times a day (general suggestion).

"Weekly Treatment with the power of the planets" with Gem and Metal Essences: Use Gem Essences mornings and Metal Essences at noon (exept for Silver, use only in the evening) 3-5 drops each.

"Weekly Treatment with the power of the planets" with Gem Essences: Every second week when using the Ruby Essence on Sundays, we suggest to additionally apply the Chrysoberyl Essence (activates the foot chakras). In the same way, when using the Amethyst Essence on Saturdays, you may add the Zircon Essence (8th chakra).

Please note: Gold Essence and Iron Essence should be used in the morning and/or at midday only; Silve Essence in the evening only. All other Gem Essences and Metal Essences you may use at any time.

A playful way to enhance your personal well-being may be to wear the colours or the kind of jewellery that suits the energy of the given day. Experience what feels good and enjoy being alive!

(1) Nervous system in full,

(2) Carotid artery plexus as well as cavernous plexus and cranial ganglion in general,

(3) Laryngeal plexus, pharyngeal plexus,

(4) Cardiac, coronary and pulmonary plexuses,

(5) Spinal cord,

(6) Diaphragm,

(7) Solar plexus and hepatic, gastric, pyloric and mesenteric plexuses,


(8) Splenetic plexus, sacral spinal ganglion,

(9) Coccygeal plexus, lumbosacral ganglion

Application for the Chakras