Combined Contents Essences

Combined Essences

Combination Essences are Essences which combine raw materials from different sources, e.g. metals, precious stones or plants.

The Combined Essences are:

  • Paracelsus Elixier of Life "de longe vita"
  • META-Rescue
  • Rescue 2013-18
  • KOBRA-Gold
  • Carlsmetal
  • GOLD-Sulphur
  • MOON-Eclipse
  • VENUS-Transit
  • COSMIC-Rescue
  • Rescue Flower Essences
  • Rescue Jewel Essences
  • Rescue Metal-Essenzen

Paracelsus Elixir of Life: „De longe vita“

life elixier de longe vita

Key theme: Energetic, Purification, Healing

Chakra: all chakras - the 7th Chakra rises in its energy to 40 000 Bovis, the 5th and 6th Chakra to 35 000 Bovis, the 4th Chakra to 28 000 Bovis.

LIFE-TEST: Energy 35000 Bovis

This essence Paracelsus described as a universal medicine to gain longevity and so he called it „elixir of life ad longe vita“. Only recently it has been possible to prepare it, as Paracelsus had encoded all information about the process and its ingredients. Chief ingredients are the famous gold essence „aurum potabile“ („drinking gold of the alchemists“) as well as pearl essence, whose preparation hadn’t been possible until 2000 and 2001, respectively. Now, both are produced in the laboratory in a complex process by means of the secret alchemistic solvents called „Philosophical Mercury“ and „Secret Salt Fires“.

LIFE TEST assessment: „Very good“.

Test results: Resonance test experiments conducted at the LIFE TEST Institute yielded the following result: „Amongst all alchemistic essences tested up to now, the Paracelsus Elixir of Life ‘de longe vita’ is outstanding in its energy-harmonizing power.” Moreover the testers say: „The essence is very harmonic in itself and induces a perfect harmony of yin and yang in humans. In addition, it harmonizes the chakras as well as subtle body energies and the aura and astral bodies.“

The essence has an energy level of 28000 Bovis/bio-angstrom (standardized measuring unit in geomancy), thus raising the regular human energy level from 7000 to more than 14000 Bovis/bio-angstrom. Besides there is an extraordinary resonance with earth rays and energy grids, meaning the essence can harmonize persons with a hypersensitivity to these phenomena.

Therefore the essence is categorized by the LIFE TEST Institute as „energetically very good“.

Application: one teaspoon up to three times a day as an intensive boost; long-term application: one to two half teaspoons per day.

Paracelsus and the quest for an Elixir of Life: Paracelsus extensively studied the conditions that bring longevity, for instance the influences of diet, climate, planet constellations, as well as of specific metal and herbal drugs. His writings include a number of „longevity elixirs“ – for the ones he treasured most, including the universal medicine „ad longe vita“, he used code language.

Paracelsus regarded Gold and Pearl Essences, above all others, as the ones with the highest powers, even as single essences. For him, each one was already a panacea. For instance, he described „aurum potabile“ as follows: „Of all Elixirs, Gold is supreme and the most important for us, because it can keep the body indestructible. Drinkable gold will cure all illnesses, it renews and restores.“

On the other hand, pearls were regarded as strengthening the spirit. Pearl Essence especially influences the second chakra, that is, “the moon and soul plane” along with their blockages; Gold Essence influences the first, fourth and seventh chakras, that is, vitality, heart energy, spirit qualities, mind and intuition, strengthening overall interconnectedness and communication within the energy system. Moreover, the Elixir of Life “de longe vita” combines Gold and Pearl Essence with other special alchemistic essences of herbs like saffron, balm-mint and others, making the overall effect even more universal and profound.

Energy (based on LIFE-TEST Measurements): 35 000 Bovis

META Rescue – the QuintEssence


Key theme: Harmony, Balance, Relaxation of the nervous system, Anti-Stress-Essence,

Chakra: all chakras

LIFE-TEST: Energy 7000 Bovis

Chief characteristics of influence: energetic relaxation, harmonization; ideal essence for stress-related conditions.

Meta Rescue consists of all 9 flower, metal and jewel essences. Designating a joining of the three realms of nature, i.e. plants, jewels and metals, which in Alchemy symbolize mind, spirit and body, it is called „QuintEssence“. Each of the 9 human chakras is thus being energetically activated by a flower, a type of metal and a jewel simultaneously and raised to a level of 7000 Bovis/ bio-angstrom (standardized measuring unit in geomancy). Through that, all nine chief energy centres receive harmonizing information on the energy planes of body, mind and spirit simultaneously. Therefore Meta Rescue is a superior rescue and an ideal support for any other essence. (Acute cases: 10 – 30 drops per hour; lingering disorders: 5 – 10 drops up to three times a day.)

Energy (based on LIFE-TEST Measurements): 7 000 Bovis.



Basic issues: Transformation, dissolving blockages, balance, invigoration

Energy Level: Exceeding  40000 Bovis/Bio-Angstrom (Oberbach threshold)

Chakra: All chakras. Especially the 1st, 4th and 7th rise from 7000 to 28000 Bovis, the 5th to over even 40000 Bovis.

Planet Energy: Sun

LIFE-TEST: Energy Level Exceeding  40000 Bovis/Bio-Angstrom (Oberbach threshold of measurement)

Effects: This variation of the well-known Gold Essence “Aurum Potabile” will foster inner transformation and is achieved by processing it further according to an Indian recipe. With its tremendous, yet harmonic energy of well over 40000 Bovis/Bio-Angstrom it will soften up energetic blockages and challenge you to go forward. It is a perfect energetic support in times of depression, because it will bring back momentum to the process of transformation. It is a perfect boost for the process of uplifting one’s energetic spine. If you’re mainly looking for power and activity, however, you should not choose KOBRA Gold, but Aurum Potabile.

According to the doctrine of signatures, gold is chiefly associated with the forces of the male archetype, the sun. Its spiritual characteristics are energy, invigoration, activation, creativity, confidence, organizational skill and ego-building.

Tip: Use KOBRA Gold to work on dissolving blockages and in the light-body process. Taken together with Antimony Essence, it is a good supplementary treatment against viruses, bacteria or borreliosis – due to the long-term vibrational increase, viruses and parasites cannot maintain themselves and disappear.



Carlsmetall: Elevated iron according to the Count of St. Germain

Main effect: Self-awareness, self-control

LIFE-TEST:  Energy Level 14000 Bovis

As outside and inside are always linked in Alchemy, the elevation of iron to gold corresponds to the cultivation of one’s personality and awareness: the ego opens to higher levels of consciousness. The warlike Mars energy of iron is cleansed of its fiery aggressiveness and transmuted into the all-pervasive fiery brilliance of gold. The “iron ego” can mature into a harmonious personality with higher mental and spiritual qualities.

According to the chakra teachings of Alchemy, iron is associated with the solar plexus chakra, whose function it is to integrate foreign elements into one’s own being. In other words, it regulates the process in which the external and the subconscious internal are connected and organized into an “I”. In a similar fashion, its harmonization supports processing and absorption of energy from food. Well-balanced functioning of the solar plexus chakra makes a person helpful and sensible in dealing with others. It strengthens self-worth, determination and resolution. The combination with the sun quality of gold makes it possible to integrate higher levels of consciousness into the ego. As an alchemical essence Carlsmetall thus stimulates several chakras simultaneously which are relevant for the development of consciousness and personality: the solar plexus, third-eye and crown chakras, but also the root and foot chakras so as to stay grounded in spite of all spiritual sublimation.



Basic issue: Energy boost, accelerates any process

Chakra: All chakras are activated and rise to over 40000 Bovis

LIFE-TEST: Energy Level: Exceeding 40000 Bovis (Oberbach threshold)

This extraordinary Rescue mixture of moldavite, Libyan desert glass, and rock crystal dorje has an energy potential of over 40000 Bovis (threshold of measurement following the Oberbach protocol). After ingestion, it will stimulate all chakras from 7000 to over 40000 Bovis. What’s extraordinary is that actually all chakras are stimulated evenly to such a high degree.

First, each single ingredient essence was produced according to the laboratory protocols of the famed alchemist-doctor Paracelsus, the process taking several months, sometimes over a year. Even taken on their own, these single essences from the meteorite glasses of moldavite or Libyan desert glass, from the Central American Allende meteorite or the North African Prophecy Stone show amazing effects. However, in this special mixture of COSMIC Rescue these effects are multiplied: chakra energies are strongly activated, body energy is harmonized, and the overall electrical conductivity (not just of acupuncture meridians) is strongly improved. Altogether this provides a strong boost to one’s vitality, self-regulation and powers of self-healing. Almost immediately after ingestion, this energy activation is felt – which makes it a perfect choice if you need power and strength.

Effects: COSMIC Rescue has a strong charging effect, which is usually felt in the head and heart chakras first. It strengthens spiritual perception and recharges one’s body and aura with intense energy.

GOLD Sulphur

Basic issue: Mediumship, aura protection

Chakra: All chakras, especially solar plexus chakra

LIFE-TEST: Energy Level 21000 Bovis

This essence made from antimony and sulphur stimulates all chakras, but especially the solar plexus chakra – and very intensely at that, with its 21000 Bio-Angstrom/Bovis. It strengthens gut-level intuition and makes you more sensitive for interpersonal energetic communication. At the same time, it protects the aura against intrusive astral forces.

Tip: Use GOLD Sulphur together with Flower Rescue as a perfect combination achieving aura protection and protection against psychic manipulation.

MOON Eclipse


Basic issue: Balance, relaxation, transformation

Chakra: All chakras

LIFE-TEST: Energy Level: 14000 Bovis

In cases of energetic hyper-agitation, this essence (with its energy level of 14000 Bio-Angstrom/Bovis) will provide a deep, motherly calming influence, because silver is associated with the forces of the female archetype, the moon. Moon Eclipse Silver Essence is more powerful in its transformational effect than ordinary Silver Essence. According to the doctrine of signatures, spiritual moon issues are: the water element, rhythm, regeneration, growth, reproduction, charisma, attractiveness and devotion, feeling and dreaming, pacifying and contemplation, as well as all receptive and constructive natural principles.

This MOON Eclipse Silver Essence was created during the moon eclipse on May 4, 2004.

VENUS Transit


Basic issue: Order, harmony, balancing male and female principles

Chakra: All chakras, especially third-eye, throat and crown chakras

LIFE-TEST:  Energy Level 14000 Bovis

This essence is made from copper, gold, diamond and ruby, that is, the metals and precious stones associated with Venus and the Sun. More specifically, it was created during the first Venus transit of the new millennium on June 8, 2004. (The next encounter of this kind between Venus and the Sun is as far off as 2117.) VENUS Transit Essence is strong at fostering love and community life, promoting inner order and harmony and balancing female and male principles altogether.

Other Combination Essences are:

The Rescue Essences of

  • Flowers
  • Precious stones
  • Metals

described in their respective categories.

Rescue Essence of Flowers

Key theme: Tense mental states of, sudden shock, „emergency“ drops and „long-term“ rescue, for the spirit

Planetary-energy: all planets

Chakra: all nine chakras

LIFE-TEST: Energy Level 28 000 Bovis.

The “Rescue Flower Essence“ consists of all nine flower essences and so affects all nine chakras. It can be applied as an energetic “first aid” to all states of energetic shock, sudden energy blockage or disharmony (10 to 30 drops per hour); but also as a long-term rescue, in support of the actual treatment proper with one specific essence (in that case, 5 to 10 drops are taken up to three times a day).

According to the ancient medical teachings of Alchemy and Ayurveda, any disharmony will gradually sink from more subtle into denser energy layers, from the head chakras down to the trunk and foot chakras, and from the chakras down to the energy layers of nerves, glands and organs. If, for instance, an energetic disturbance is perceived and felt as discomfort in the abdomen, according to the ancient medical teachings that means not only is the sexual chakra (responsible for the abdominal area) out of balance, but all chakras above it are also disharmonious.

By applying Pear Essence and, at the same time, the Rescue Essence, the sexual chakra would be stimulated energetically, while the disharmony of the chakra levels above it would be “vibrated out” as well.

Energy (based on LIFE-TEST Measurements): 28 000 Bovis.

Rescue Essence of Gems

Planetary-energy: all planets

Energy-system: all Chakra

LIFE-TEST: Energy Level 28 000 Bovis.

Rescue-Remedy of all 9 Gem Essences. This alchemistic Rescue Remedy is composed of equal parts of all 9 Gem Essences. You may either create a mixture by yourself or use this ready made combination.

Application: As an energetic "first aid" in the event of all energy blockages caused by shock; in emergencies when loosing ones mental/emotional balance and as a support for the energy system in all chronic ailments.

Energy (based on LIFE-TEST Measurements): 28 000 Bovis

Rescue Essence of Metals

Planetary energy: all planets

Energy system: all chakras

LIFE-TEST: Energy Level 28 000 Bovis.

The essence "Rescue Electrum" is a mixture of all seven Metal Essences.

Application: As an energetic "first aid" it can be used in the event of all acute difficulties of body, mind and spirit. Since it has an harmonizing effect, it is helpful to use over an extended period of time in all chronic ailments. You may combine Rescue Electrum with the Rescue Essence of the Gems. Paracelsus, the famous physician and philosopher of the 16th century spoke highly of the power of the Electrum. In ancient Egypt, the Electrum, named "Asem", was highly appreciated. Most of the formulas of metal essences refer to the production and use of Electrum.

Energy (based on LIFE-TEST Measurements): 35 000 Bovis

Summary of LIFE-TEST results of other RUBEDO Essences


Please note that the Essences are not a medication or drug in the sense of orthodox medicine and our recommendations are not to be construed as a substitute for medical treatment by a doctor. In case of illness, always first consult your doctor or health care professional.