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The alchemistical Flower Essences

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The 9 Flower Essences for the Chakras are:

  • Red Campion (8. Chakra, Neteru-Chakra)
  • Wood Anemone (7. Chakra, Crown Chakra)
  • Forget-me-not (6. Chakra, Forehead Chakra/"Third eye")
  • Lily of the valley & Lesser Perlwinkle (5. Chakra, Throat Chakra)
  • Deadly Nightshade & French Rose (4. Chakra, Heart Chakra)
  • St. Johns Wort (3. Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra)
  • Common Pear (2. Chakra, Spleen/Sexual Chakra)
  • Field Bindweed (1. Chakra, Root Chakra)
  • Prickly Comfrey (0. Chakra, Foot and Knee Chakras)

Nine flowers for the spirit

The spiritual system of Rubedo Flower Essences comprises the blossoms of nine powerful indigenous wildflowers. Among them are well-known medicinal herbs like Prickly Comfrey and St. John’s Wort, but also seemingly insignificant flowers like Field Bindweed, Wood Anemone and Red Campion – all of them possess outstanding spiritual power which is associated with the nine archetypal dimensions of man (the archetypal planetary forces) and the nine chakras.

Why alchemical flower essences?

According to Alchemy’s traditional teachings about health and wellness, even plants possess a body, mind and spirit and each of these levels has its own healing power. From a chemical point of view, these energetic forces are associated with salts (body), oils (spirit) and alcohols (mind). So the extraction of a flower’s spiritual information by submersion in water or alcohol is just a first step in the time-consuming process of creating genuine alchemical Flower Essences. The process of obtaining, according to Paracelsus’ traditional procedures, all three levels of energetic properties for a Flower Essence takes more than three months. At least one additional month – from one full moon to the next – is necessary for maturing the essence in closed containers and letting it absorb the light energies of sun and moon. And during the whole production process, from picking the flowers until final maturation, planet positions are taken into account, especially the position of the specific planet the flower is associated with. All this results in an extraordinary flower elixir with a widespread and comprehensive effectiveness.

Aura reading by means of a biopulsar reflexograph


Left image: Aura before application; congestions appear red, orange and yellow.

Right image: Ten minutes after applying the Rubedo Essences most of the energy congestions have dissolved

Prickly Comfrey

prickly comfrey

Key theme: Grounding , Coming home

Chakra: Foot and knee chakras (position: middle of sole of foot, knee)

Planet energy: Ketu (moon’s descending node)

LIFE-TEST: Energy 28000 Bovis

Chakra functions: By intensifying a person’s flow of earth energies, the chakras of foot and knee strengthen the energetically important connection between body, mind and spirit. Their vitalization and harmonization fosters contact with collective elementary powers and archetypes and facilitates access to the power of one’s family and ancestors. Psychological stress related to themes of childbirth and motherhood is being harmonized. Rigidity of emotions and spirit is dissolved, an overall feeling of „coming home“ and „being grounded“ is strengthened.

Energetic chakra resonances:

- relating to the nervous system: sciatic nerve, nerves of legs

- relating to organs: foot, knee and hip joints; blood vessels of legs

Energy (based on LIFE-TEST Measurements): 28 000 Bovis

Field Bindweed

field bindweed

Key theme: Vitality, Embracing life, Inventing oneself

Chakra: Root chakra, 1st chakra (position: perineum, between sexual organs and anus)

Planet energy: Sun

LIFE-TEST: Energy 14000 Bovis

Chakra functions: The root chakra provides stamina and vitality, strengthens self-healing powers and the male archetype – the „inner sun“. Its vitalization and harmonization therefore brings warmth and light for body, mind and spirit, fosters love of life and lightens up dreary moods. A vitalized root chakra stimulates the energetic „fire of digestion“ and the sexual energies.

Energetic chakra resonances:

- relating to the nervous system: sacral plexus, sacral ganglion

- relating to organs: corresponding to the fire element, therefore to the heart and cardiovascular system; suprarenal glands (stress hormones); bones.

Energy (based on LIFE-TEST Measurements): 14 000 Bovis

Common Pear

common pear

Key theme: Growth , Reflection, Self-discovery

Chakra: Sexual/spleen chakra, 2 nd chakra (front-of-body position: about three inches below the navel; on the back: sacroiliac joint)

Planet energy: Moon

LIFE-TEST: Energy 7000 Bovis

Chakra functions: The sexual chakra directs the life force into the proper channels and regulates all constructive and rhythmical energy processes in the system (e.g., changes of energy in the sleep/wake cycle, menstruation cycle).

Its vitalization and harmonization strengthens the female archetypal principle, the „moon principle“. A sense of motherly warmth and security in life is fostered, along with the potential for greater inner flexibility. An overall awareness of emotions is stimulated and refined, intuition is fostered, and a person’s erotic energy becomes more intense and „womanlike“.

Strengthening the moon principle stimulates dreaming and thus helps dissolving stagnant and suppressed emotions in working with dreams.

Energetic chakra resonances:

- relating to the nervous system: splenic plexus and sacral ganglion

- relating to organs: corresponding to the water element, therefore to all „thin liquors“ like blood, lymph and cell sap (cytosol), as well as to gonads, spleen and kidneys

Energy (based on LIFE-TEST Measurements): 7 000 Bovis

St. John’s Wort

st. johns wort

Key theme: Activity, Will-power, Self-assertion

Chakra: Solar (celiac) plexus chakra, 3rd chakra (front-of-body position: about one inch above the navel; on the back: between 11th and 12th thoracic vertebrae)

Planet energy: Mars

LIFE-TEST: Energy 14000 Bovis

Chakra functions: Through the solar (celiac) plexus chakra, foreign factors are being integrated into one’s own being. Thus it regulates the processing and interconnecting of external and inner subconscious factors into a „self“. In a similar way, its harmonization brings about easier processing and absorption of energy from food. It fosters joyful activity, strengthens overall energetic vitality and male sexual energy.

Balanced functioning of the solar plexus chakra makes a person more helpful and thoughtful in dealing with other people. It strengthens self-worth, will-power and determination.

Energetic chakra resonances:

- relating to the nervous system: the solar (celiac) as well as gastric and superior and inferior mesenteric plexuses

- relating to organs: corresponding to the fire element, therefore to „digesting fire“ and thermoregulation, as well as liver, pancreas, gall bladder, stomach, and bone marrow.

Energy (based on LIFE-TEST Measurements): 14 000 Bovis

Deadly Nightshade & French Rose

deadly nightshade
french rose

Key theme: Love, Centeredness, Self-connection

Chakra: Heart chakra, 4th chakra (front-of-body position: middle of chest, back: between 5th and 6th thoracic vertebrae)

Planet energy: Mercury

LIFE-TEST: Energy 7000 Bovis

Chakra functions: The heart chakra is the system’s major organizing force. Its vitalization brings an overall increase of harmony between body, mind and spirit and the entire flow of energy. Its harmonization will re-balance feeling and thinking and help digest mental shocks; access to the love, power and wisdom of the heart is facilitated, cultivation of awareness and self-confidence is enhanced. Vitalization of the heart chakra accelerates mental and spiritual growth and fosters psychic abilities like channeling.

Energetically, the heart chakra supports the regulation of blood pressure, respiration, digestion and the nervous system. Harmonizing the heart chakra therefore energetically contributes to cooling down a hot temper and normalizing energetically any excess heat which, for instance, can manifest as fever, infection, inflammation or allergy.

Moreover, vitalization of the heart chakra helps boosting the immune system and overall vitality.

Energetic chakra resonances:

- relating to the nervous system: cardiac and coronary plexuses, pulmonary plexus

- relating to organs: heart and cardiovascular system, thymus, lungs

Energy (based on LIFE-TEST Measurements): 7 000 Bovis

Lily of the Valley & Lesser Periwinkle

lily of the valley
lesser periwinkle

Key theme: Communication, Creative power, Self-expression

Chakra: Throat chakra, 5th chakra (front-of-body position: throat; back: 1st and 2nd thoracic vertebrae)

Planet energy: Jupiter

LIFE-TEST: Energy 28000 Bovis

Chakra functions: The throat chakra coordinates intentions and thinking with practical activity. Energetically, it is therefore responsible for the expression and realization of ideas and of the self in general. Its vitalization strengthens creativity, eloquence and sociability, cultivates a natural sense of authority, tolerance and the ability to act sensibly.

Moreover, harmonizing the throat chakra helps in sharing feelings and working with problems.

Energetic chakra resonances:

- relating to the nervous system: pharyngeal plexus, brachial plexus

- relating to organs: thyroid, pharynx.

Energy (based on LIFE-TEST Measurements): 28 000 Bovis


forget me not

Key theme: Intuition, Visionary genius, Self-empowerment

Chakra: Brow chakra, 6th chakra (front-of-body position: between the eyebrows, back: with atlas cervical vertebra as reference point, middle of back of head)

Planet energy: Venus

LIFE-TEST: Energy 14000 Bovis

Chakra functions: The brow chakra (“Third Eye”) is responsible for all visionary and intuitive abilities as well as the processing of all sensory information. By vitalizing the brow chakra, all activity of the brain hemispheres can be stimulated and synchronized. Its harmonization helps to straighten out one’s thinking, balance conflicting factors and dissolve entanglement in the world of dualities. Ability to make one’s way, self-empowerment and the discovery of one’s personal vocation are enhanced, on the whole one’s aura and charisma is strengthened.

The organizing power of this chakra helps to dissolve any energetic congestion which can cause mental or emotional blockages or congestion of the bodily humours. Energetic chakra resonances:

- relating to the nervous system: basal ganglia, cavernous and carotid plexuses

- relating to organs: pineal gland, cerebellum, eyes, ears and nose, hormonal control.

Energy (based on LIFE-TEST Measurements): 14 000 Bovis

Wood Anemone

wood anemone

Key theme: Spirituality, Transformation, Opening up

Chakra: Crown chakra, 7th chakra (position: middle of top of head, fontanelle)

Planet energy: Saturn

LIFE-TEST: Energy 7000 Bovis

Chakra functions: Vitalizing the crown chakra enhances spiritual powers and contact with higher realms of the spirit. On an energetic level, the crown chakra regulates all rhythms of human life and stimulates stagnant energies. It weaves the human energy system into the cosmic rhythms and so dissolves solidification and stagnation as well as habitual ways of thinking, feeling and acting. Thus, mental clarity, concentration and insight are enhanced. Its harmonization helps to accept one’s experience, to become independent and autonomous, and also to transcend limitations and break new ground. Furthermore, an active crown chakra will direct one’s inner aspirations towards higher principles and mental and spiritual goals.

Energetic chakra resonances:

- relating to the nervous system: central nervous system, the twelve brain nerves

- relating to organs: pituitary gland/hypophysis (the “master gland”, as it controls all other glands), cerebrum.

Energy (based on LIFE-TEST Measurements): 7 000 Bovis

Red Campion

red champion

Key theme: Purpose in life, Boundlessness, Unio Mystica, Higher Self

Chakra: Neteru chakra, 8th chakra (position: about three inches above middle of top of head)

Planet energy: Rahu = moon’s ascending node

LIFE-TEST: Energy 14000 Bovis

Chakra functions: The Neteru chakra regulates all energetic communication between the spirit and the Higher Self and so brings greater harmony to the interplay of body, spirit and mind. Harmonization and stimulation of the 8th chakra supports insight into structures of higher order and thus facilitates overcoming negative attitudes and manifesting higher spiritual qualities. It cultivates recognition of the meaning of life and one’s personal goal in life as well as the ability to separate the important from the unimportant. Vitalizing the Neteru chakra facilitates drawing on the knowledge of the “Akashic Records”, the morphogenetic field of mankind, and thus enriching life with new ideas that are in harmony with the cosmos.

Energetic chakra resonances:

- relating to the nervous system: entire nervous system

- relating to organs: entire brain.

Energy (based on LIFE-TEST Measurements): 14 000 Bovis

Rescue Flower Essence

flower rescue

Key theme: Tense mental states of, sudden shock, „emergency“ drops and „long-term“ rescue, for the spirit

Chakra: all nine chakras

LIFE-TEST: Energy 28000 Bovis

The “Rescue Flower Essence“ consists of all nine flower essences and so affects all nine chakras. It can be applied as an energetic “first aid” to all states of energetic shock, sudden energy blockage or disharmony (10 to 30 drops per hour); but also as a long-term rescue, in support of the actual treatment proper with one specific essence (in that case, 5 to 10 drops are taken up to three times a day).

According to the ancient medical teachings of Alchemy and Ayurveda, any disharmony will gradually sink from more subtle into denser energy layers, from the head chakras down to the trunk and foot chakras, and from the chakras down to the energy layers of nerves, glands and organs. If, for instance, an energetic disturbance is perceived and felt as discomfort in the abdomen, according to the ancient medical teachings that means not only is the sexual chakra (responsible for the abdominal area) out of balance, but all chakras above it are also disharmonious.

By applying Pear Essence and, at the same time, the Rescue Essence, the sexual chakra would be stimulated energetically, while the disharmony of the chakra levels above it would be “vibrated out” as well.

Energy (based on LIFE-TEST Measurements): 28 000 Bovis

Sample Kit #1 „Alchemical Essences“

Sample Kid 1

The Genuine Alchemical Flower Essences Sample Kit #1 contains all of the metal, jewel and flower essences related to the chakra system of Alchemy:

- the nine different Jewel Essences and the Jewel Rescue;

- the nine Metal Essences and the Metal Rescue;

- the nine Flower Essences and the Flower Rescue.

Each essence comes in a small sprayer containing 2ml.

This sample kit can also be used to get an idea of the Weekly Treatment Course, in which each day of the week is associated with a different group of essences and Metal Essence is used in the morning, Jewel Essence at midday and Flower Essence in the evening:

  • Sunday = gold, ruby, Field Bindweed & platinum, chrysoberyl, Prickly Comfrey
  • Montag = silver, pearl, Common Pear
  • Dienstag = iron, Golden Topaz, St. John’s Wort
  • Mittwoch = zinc, emerald, Deadly Nightshade & French Rose
  • Donnerstag = tin, sapphire, Lily of the Valley & Lesser Periwinkle
  • Freitag = copper, diamond, Forget-me-not
  • Samstag = vitriol, amethyst, Wood Anemone + zircon, antimony, Red Campion

Summary of LIFE-TEST results of RUBEDO Flower Essences


Please note that the Essences are not a medication or drug in the sense of orthodox medicine and our recommendations are not to be construed as a substitute for medical treatment by a doctor. In case of illness, always first consult your doctor or health care professional.


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