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Test report quoted with kind permission of the LIFE-TESTinstitute

The effects of Gem Essences: Medicine of the Maharajas

In ancient India and in the Ayurveda, Jewel Essences produced in alchemistic fashion were called “medicine of the Maharajas”. They were alleged to have highly surprising therapeutic as well as spiritual effects. Tests at the LIFE TEST Institute have shown that indeed they are well suitable for energetic harmonization and stimulation.

The nine different Jewel Essences correspond to the nine principal healing stones in Ayurveda and Alchemy. As a tenth essence there is a mixture of all the others as a “Chronical Rescue”

*) See below for assessment categories and standards

Paracelsus, the famous physician and alchemist of the late Middle Ages, was wildly enthusiastic about the Jewel Essences produced by alchemists. For instance, he wrote the following about the curative powers of pearls: Not only were weak limbs restored to health through pearl essence, he said, “but the healthy ones maintain their selfsame vigour”. In ancient India, Jewel Essences were regarded as a supreme remedy and were called “Medicine of the Maharajas”. Nine principal healing stones are described in the ancient medical teachings of Ayurveda and Alchemy, and it is very striking that both of them, with very few exceptions, regard these nine as the most powerful healing stones. They are related to the same planets and chakras(which are called “seals of the planets” in Alchemy) and, to a great extent, are used for the same conditions. However, know-how regarding the production of these essences through the dissolution of jewels seemed to have been lost. Even in India and Tibet, only jewel powders, pills and lotions are produced for healing purposes today, but not the liquid, the highest jewel medicine of the Maharajas. Recently two German alchemists, however, succeded in rediscovering the production process of these legendary essences by referring to coded laboratory manuals especially from Paracelsus. Research at the LIFE TEST Institute was commissioned in order to demonstrate whether they had indeed discovered an extraordinary treasure of healing.


Measurements of skin resistance by means of a “Prognos” apparatus ascertained changes of meridian energy. Reliability of that method has been established in a study at a German university. In Russia, the method is an officially acknowledged medical procedure. Representing the whole array, the Rescue Mixture of all nine jewel essences and, as a single essence, the Emerald Essence were tested.

Test Results:

Ten persons of different age were tested before and after contact with the Rescue and the Emerald Essences. Even mere handling of the sealed flasks by the test persons was sufficient to generate an influence; this showed in distinct changes of measured energy levels.

The unusual result: 80 per cent of the test persons showed distinctly positive reactions to the Rescue Mixture, sometimes as strong as can only be caused by drugs. As a first thing, the energy level of the meridians increased in that process, meaning they were stimulated. As a second thing, there was a harmonization of the overall distribution of energy, meaning that with regular use disharmonies like blockages, energy slumps etc. can be counterbalanced. There was an especially strong reaction with those meridians that are relevant for vegetative reactions and through that for the autonomic nervous system which controls all the important basic functions of an organism, e.g. breathing, metabolism, water balance etc.

On those 20 per cent of the test persons that didn’t react so strongly to the Rescue Essence, the Emerald Essence had a similar effect – but only on those, interestingly enough. The other test persons showed either neutral reactions or even a loss of energy through Emerald Essence. An explanation for this short-term loss of energy can be found in alchemistic medical teachings: According to them, Emerald Essence is related to the heart chakra and therefore also affects the emotional levels of a person. Thus, the use of Emerald Essence can also reactivate repressed unpleasant feelings and traumata, bringing them back into the focus of awareness so they can be dealt with. At first, such a bringing back into awareness and coping, even if it is embryonic, goes hand hand in hand with a decrease in energy. Only gradually, when the emotional conflict is being overcome,energy can start flowing freely and the energy level increases. So one can surmise that those persons who experienced a decrease in energy through Emerald Essence needed a clarification of emotional themes at the point of testing and that the use of Emerald Essence triggered off this clarification. That group of test persons, however, who reacted to the Emerald Essence with an increase of energy were all suffering from enteritis and other intestinal problems. According to alternative and holistic approaches in medicine, such problems are also related to repressed and conflicting emotions.

So, alchemistic jewel essences display complex and individual, one could even say intelligent, effects. Therefore they can be specifically directed at energetic stimulation and psychological clarification. The measurements also corroborate claims of ayurvedic jewel medicine according to which the Rescue Mixture is being used as a kind of basic energetic treatment or “chronical rescue”. In fact, the stimulating and harmonizing effects of the Rescue Essence amount to a kind of basic energetic treatment for as much as 80 per cent of the test persons. According to ayurvedic medicine, this basic therapy with the Rescue Essence has to be completed by the use of a single essence. Given the test results, that also seems plausible, as the Emerald Essence was indeed able to address a personal blockage on an individual level. At the same time, the Rescue Essence will provide the energy necessary to cope with and overcome the emotional theme connected with a certain blockage.

Referring to these results of the energetic tests and on the basis of its internal standards, the LIFE TEST Institute categorizes the alchemistic essences – especially the Rescue Essence – as:

"Energetically very good" (overall assessment)

"Harmonizing" (1st main tendency of effect)

"Energizing" (2nd main tendency of effect)

Possible assessments

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