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New essences made from single substances

The new essences described here from single substances are not assigned to the classical Chakra system with 7 or 9 Chakras.

New essences made from single substances:

  • Meteorit-A
  • Moldavite
  • Libyan Desert Glass
  • Rock Crystal Dorje
  • COSMIC-Rescue
  • Amber

and complementary products:

  • Light-Body Spray GOLD
  • Light-Body Spray SILVER
  • Aurum Soap
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Meteorite Essences:


The Indian alchemy of the Ayurveda had already expanded the system of seven planets to include the two lunar nodes, “Rahu” and “Ketu” in Indian. They were regarded as separate planets, which in turn called for an extension of the chakra system from 7 to 9 energy centers. This made the 8th chakra more prominent, which is situated in the aura, a couple of inches above the head. This energy center was also known in ancient Egypt, where it was frequently represented by the Uraeus snake above a Pharaoh’s third-eye. Moreover, the grounding centers beneath the first chakra, that is, the foot and knee chakras, were also added to the main chakras.

This extension of the old chakra system (already a few centuries old) was reproduced in our Alchemical Chakra Essence System between 2005 and 2006, when the 8th and 9th metal, jewel and flower essences were developed from platinum, antimony, zircon, chrysoberyl, comfrey and campion, respectively.

Today, many esoteric teachings and therapeutic approaches of body and energy work still use the system of seven chakras. But there are also teachings that are based on nine or even twelve chakras or that distinguish seven primary and some secondary chakras. Among those latter, tradition counts the Hara (below the navel), the Kalpu-Taru (between 3rd and 4th chakra), the thymus chakra and the chakra at the back of the head. Some modern descriptions make further additions: five “sub-personal chakras” beneath the feet (called Incarnation Point, Incarnation Gate, Lower Gate of Guidance, Earth Force Center and Earth Star) and six “transpersonal chakras” (called Soul Point, Soul Gate, Upper Gate of Guidance, Focus of Destiny, Heavenly Star and Space Star). If these were included, the chakra system would comprise 18 chakras, whose farthest extremities would be situated two-and-a-half arm lengths above the head and beneath the feet, respectively. Whether it makes sense to stretch the established system to such lengths will probably become evident through practice.

There has always been veneration and awe for substances that transcend the terrestrial and somehow energetically connect the earthly system of the seven chakras with the cosmos. Mainly these are comets and meteorites and the extraordinary “precious stones” their impact created.

Meteorite A


Basic issue: Enhancement and clarification of perception; calming recurring thoughts; strengthening embodied presence and sensitivity, perfect preparation for meditation. Effect: after an initial grounding impulse there is an activation of the chakras and an opening of perception; simultaneously there is a calming of thoughts and an opening of awareness; clarity, wakefulness, opening up to intuition, inspiration, touching into creativity, encountering the infinite.

Chakra: After ingestion, all chakras double their energy to 14000 Bovis, heart and third-eye chakras increase to even 28000 Bovis.

LIFE-TEST: Energy 40000 Bovis

Even today, some meteorites radiate a special energy, sometimes stronger than large jewels, that is clearly felt. This was our reason to create an alchemical meteorite essence. Following the laboratory protocols of Paracelsus, the meteorite rock was dissolved and its energy and substance thus made available for humans. A very special meteorite was selected for this purpose: the “Allende Meteorite”. With its so-called Ca-Al-rich inclusions (CAI), it contains materials dating back to the origins of our solar system, as well as tiny diamonds which originate from outside the solar system – a truly extraterrestrial combination! It also contains exceptional elements like the “Superman” element Krypton, which (along with Xenon) is the rarest element on earth; also the very rare Rhenium; minerals of the olivine group like the “energy” mineral forsterite (or white olivine); diamond (or adamantine) spar, which is the second-hardest precious stone after diamond; garnets; silicates like nepheline; substances with electro-magnetic properties like magnetite and many other rare substances – to say nothing of the residues of extraterrestrial water and rare carbon compounds.

Even before production began, the energetic qualities of the Allende meteorite and thus of the alchemical essence created from it could be inferred from its impact-time horoscope, says Freiburg astrologer Vinzent Liebig: “The astrological constellation shows creativity, creative inspiration, inventiveness, and a potential for auspicious coincidence. There is spiritual insight into the limitless depth of being, a creative, psychic-telepathic communication with all life as something infinite.” Summing it up, Liebig says: “The Allende meteorite represents a vital encountering of and connecting with the infinite, a community without limits, creativity and a broadening of communication. In other words, if you ingest an essence made from this meteorite, it might not just open up your perception and stimulate your imagination and creativity, but also provide access to a wholly new kind of community spirit on a cosmic level, so to speak.”

After processing the meteorite into an alchemical essence it became evident: This essence calms recurring thoughts and everyday worrying and thus is perfect as a preparation for meditation or calming down in general. It fosters clarity and wakefulness, sensitivity and perceptiveness while keeping you grounded at the same time.



Basic issue: fostering psychic abilities, “gut-level” intuition, clairvoyant feeling, opening spiritual perception 

Chakra: All chakras, especially solar plexus, throat and crown chakras. Ingested, it will stimulate

  • the crown chakra to 28000 Bovis;
  • the third-eye chakra to 14000 Bovis;
  • the throat chakra to 28000 Bovis;
  • the heart chakra to 14000 Bovis;
  • the solar plexus chakra to over 40000 Bovis (= measurement threshold);
  • the sacral chakra to 14000 Bovis;
  • the root chakra to 14000 Bovis.

LIFE-TEST: Energy Level 28000 Bovis.

Effects: Moldavite Essence opens up new spiritual dimensions and fosters spiritual perception. Above all, it strengthens your gut-level intuition and empathy by strong energetic stimulation of the solar plexus chakra. According to gemmology, moldavite can induce out-of-body experiences in meditation or in dreams, can rebuild basic trust, relieve fears of loss and provide strength to master all kinds of tests and challenges. Moldavite provides energetic support with cases of flu, respiratory problems, anaemia, nervous heart disorders, stomach trouble or tension around the jaws or the pelvis. It can help dissolve energetic repercussions of earlier trauma and, in general, will support all kinds of healing by clarifying the causes and the benefits of disease.

Libyan Desert Glass


Basic issue: Activating clairvoyant feeling, strengthening spiritual perception

Chakra: All chakras, especially root, solar plexus and throat chakras. Ingested, it will activate…

  • the crown chakra to 14000 Bovis;
  • the third-eye chakra to 21000 Bovis;
  • the throat chakra to 28000 Bovis;
  • the heart chakra to 21000 Bovis;
  • the solar plexus chakra to 28000 Bovis;
  • the sacral chakra to 14000 Bovis;
  • the root chakra to 35000 Bovis.

LIFE-TEST: Energy Level 35000 Bovis

Effects: The essence made from Libyan Desert Glass will activate one’s life energy by recharging the root chakra. It improves spiritual perception, strengthens gut-level intuition, gives you vigour and enthusiasm, fosters creativity and brings out inner greatness and natural authority. According to gemology, Libyan Desert Glass dissolves mental insecurity and supports healing of eye or respiratory disorders. Moreover, it has positive effects on the regulatory complex of pancreas, spleen and stomach, and improves the flexibility of joints and the resorption of nutrients from food.

Rock Crystal Dorje

Basic issue: Spirituality; strengthening spiritual perception

Chakra: All chakras, especially crown and third-eye chakras. Ingested, it will activate…

  • the crown chakra from 7000 to 40000 Bovis;
  • the third-eye chakra from 7000 to 28000 Bovis;
  • the throat chakra to 14000 Bovis;
  • the heart chakra to 14000 Bovis;
  • the solar plexus chakra to 14000 Bovis;
  • the sacral chakra remains at 7000 Bovis;
  • the root chakra to 14000 Bovis.

LIFE-TEST: Energy Level over 40000 Bovis

This extraordinary Rock Crystal Essence was made from a genuine Tibetan rock crystal dorje which was ground and dissolved – which means the essence still contains the original stone. The essence thus gained shows an energy potential exceeding 40000 Bovis (40000 Bovis being the threshold of measurement following the Oberbach protocol). What is especially remarkable is the strong stimulation of the crown chakra, representing a reconnection to higher levels of guidance.

Effects: Rock Crystal Dorje Essence can channel spiritual impulses into the aura and the mind and will thus open up spiritual perception. Through the strong stimulation of the crown chakra, guiding impulses can be channeled to all energetic centers of the head, which creates a positive influence on various regulatory circuits concerning metabolism, biorhythms, circulation and regeneration. According to gemmology, rock crystal provides clear perception and fosters intuition. It opens up pathways to primeval recollection and fosters developments that are in accord with one’s true inner being. Healing gemmology treasures rock crystal as one of the most versatile and important healing stones: It is vitalizing and cooling; according to Hildegard von Bingen, it is an energetic supplement in treating ulcers and problems with eyes and joints. It is also said to have a soothing effect on headaches, backaches, aching limbs and joints, problems with the thyroid and the intervertebral discs – even on insect bites! Above all, it can awaken a person to the root of their disease by stimulating recollection.

The Dorje (Tibetan) or Vajra (Sanskrit) is an ancient holy object known in all Asia, from Mongolia to Sri Lanka, and is used in Hinduism, Buddhism and Bön as well as in shamanic traditions. Ordinary monks and practitioners use brass dorjes, whereas crystal dorjes are something special. They are a traditional tool and symbol for the path towards enlightenment. They are said to radiate the OM vibration, the primeval sound of the universe.



Basic issue: Energy boost, accelerates any process

Chakra: All chakras are activated and rise to over 40000 Bovis

LIFE-TEST: Energy Level Exceeding 40000 Bovis (Oberbach threshold)

This extraordinary Rescue mixture of moldavite, Libyan desert glass, and rock crystal dorje has an energy potential of over 40000 Bovis (threshold of measurement following the Oberbach protocol). After ingestion, it will stimulate all chakras from 7000 to over 40000 Bovis. What’s extraordinary is that actually all chakras are stimulated evenly to such a high degree.

First, each single ingredient essence was produced according to the laboratory protocols of the famed alchemist-doctor Paracelsus, the process taking several months, sometimes over a year. Even taken on their own, these single essences from the meteorite glasses of moldavite or Libyan desert glass, from the Central American Allende meteorite or the North African Prophecy Stone show amazing effects. However, in this special mixture of COSMIC Rescue these effects are multiplied: chakra energies are strongly activated, body energy is harmonized, and the overall electrical conductivity (not just of acupuncture meridians) is strongly improved. Altogether this provides a strong boost to one’s vitality, self-regulation and powers of self-healing. Almost immediately after ingestion, this energy activation is felt – which makes it a perfect choice if you need power and strength.

Effects: COSMIC Rescue has a strong charging effect, which is usually felt in the head and heart chakras first. It strengthens spiritual perception and recharges one’s body and aura with intense energy.

Obsidian Essence


Basic issue: Increased self-awareness, removing emotional veils, recognizing one’s “shadow” and making use of that

Chakra: When obsidian essence is ingested, the activity of all chakras is increased, but especially that of the root, third-eye and sacral/bladder chakras.

  • The root chakra shows an increase from 7000 to 35000 Bovis.
  • The sacral/bladder chakra’s energy is raised to 28000;
  • the solar plexus chakra rises to 14000;
  • the heart chakra rises to 14000;
  • the throat chakra rises to 14000;
  • the third-eye chakra shows an increase to 28000 Bovis;
  • the crown chakra rises to 14000.

LIFE-TEST: Energy Level 35000 Bovis

RUBEDO’s Obsidian Essence has a neutral energy field with an amazing potential of 35000 Bovis. This energy field is established gradually during 30 minutes after ingestion.

After ingestion, there is increased self-awareness and an increase in sensitivity and psychic capabilities. There can be moments of sharp alertness for one’s own concerns and inadequacies – this is an indication of the obsidian’s power to activate the subtle body’s antennae on the border between the physical and the astral bodies. First, the mental and emotional everyday “husk” is neutralized (the emotional veil is pulled back), which reveals the deeper psychological motives – inner blockages are recognized and can be worked with (with the help of other essences as a supplement, if necessary); external blockages and their influences can be recognized, and everything can further be treated with other essences, if necessary.

According to gemmology, black obsidian is able to  recognize, accept and integrate unlived and repressed aspects of one’s being. Old psychological pain is dissolved, so-called “dark sides” are seen in a new light, their positive aspects are made fruitful. Forgotten talents are rediscovered, and one’s perception is improved, sometimes bordering on clairvoyance. It relieves shocks and traumata, fears and blockages and is therefore renowned as an excellent “first-aid” remedy. Black obsidian is renowned for its soothing effect on asthma; it improves blood circulation, accelerates the healing of wounds and dissolves energy blockages. Thus, it facilitates the overall energy supply.

Amber, “Tears of the Gods”

amber essence

Key theme: Energetic, spiritual purification, Inner harmony, Self-acceptance

Chakra: all 5 body chakras (from 1st up to 5th chakra)

LIFE-TEST: Energy Level 7 000 Bovis

Amber is counted amongst the most popular precious and healing stones in the world. Amber essence, however, does not belong to the established matrix of nine jewel, flower and metal essences that in the traditional medical teachings of Alchemy and Ayurveda are associated with the nine chakras. Still, amber essence is of great importance.

One would not associate amber with one of the planet gods, but with “Phaeton”, the “radiant one” from Greek mythology, the son of Helios (sun god) and one of Okeanos’ daughters, Klymene – an archetypal union of fire and water principles. The myth has Phaeton struggling for the integration of the sun principle: To prove his descent from the sun god, he wants to steer the sun chariot across the sky just once. When he cannot master the horses and there is the risk of the Earth being burned by the sun, Zeus hurls a thunderbolt at him, knocking him off. Phaeton plunges into the river Eridanus. On its banks his sisters weep for him, and their tears turn into amber.

This myth reminds us of the need to integrate and reconcile male and female archetypal forces within ourselves. Otherwise, either the sun principle (burning by the sun chariot and Zeus’ thunderbolt) or the water principle (drowning in Eridanus, the flow of tears) will boil over.

It is precisely this inner harmony of the polar qualities of fire and water, of the male and the female archetype, that is brought about by Amber Essence. Thus, on an energetic level, it helps a person to achieve self-acceptance without losing the desire for self-perfection. Amber Essence vitalizes the five body chakras (from the root up to the throat chakra), but especially the root, solar plexus and sexual/spleen chakras which rule all vital and sexual energies as well as all kinds of “digestion” and “incorporation” in the sense of integration into the self.

Amber Essence enhances inner purification (the reason why it was used as incense since ancient times) and overcoming of “old tears” stemming from energetic and mental trauma. It helps with appreciating and preserving one’s valuable experiences and the lessons from tradition and adapting them to changing times. Amber brightens up the sunny side of the mind without repressing the dark aspects. It helps with facing the future with confidence while still being aware of the past.

Energy (based on LIFE-TEST Measurements): 7 000 Bovis.

Lightbody Spray GOLD  and  Lightbody Spray SILVER

  • GOLD spray vitalizes sun powers, the fire element and the “male archetype” – energies that can be helpful, for example, in office rooms. Therefore, it has a stimulating and vitalizing energetic influence.
  • SILVER spray vitalizes moon powers, the water element and the “female archetype”. Thus it tends to promote ease and balance. Its energy qualities can be used, for example, in the bedroom or in an atmosphere of emotional or mental tension.

These energy sprays contain all nine Rubedo Flower Essences and all nine Jewel Essences as well as either the Gold Essence “Aurum Potabile®”, the “drinking gold of the alchemists” famed in medieval times as a panacea (this is contained in Lightbody Spray Gold), or the similarly effective Silver Essence “Argentum potabile®”.

These are accompanied by precious essential oils from Rosa foetida (Austrian Copper), myrrh, palmerose and Neroli (usually German Certified Organic, ”kbA”), which enhance the respective sun or moon qualities. Both sprays are used for energetic regulation of the aura field, for instance in Feng Shui, Geomancy and Vastu (the Indian discipline of Geomancy). By means of the high energy of the genuine alchemical essences, any room where people are present can be purified energetically and uplifted in vibration. The sprays can also be used to purify and vitalize the aura, or light body, of objects like crystals. Uplifting and harmonizing the vibration of the entire environment will also inform the human aura, thus eliminating any tiredness or fatigue that are due a space’s lack of subtle energy.

  • GOLD spray vitalizes sun powers, the fire element and the “male archetype” – energies that can be helpful, for example, in office rooms. Therefore, it has a stimulating and vitalizing energetic influence.
  • SILVER spray vitalizes moon powers, the water element and the “female archetype”. Thus it tends to promote ease and balance. Its energy qualities can be used, for example, in the bedroom or in an atmosphere of emotional or mental tension.

Application: To achieve energetic vitalization and purification, you spray any energetically negative areas in the environment of a room or car 2 to 3 times. Also use it for shoes, clothes, amulets, crystals, precious stones etc.


A fine flower shape and “golden” ingredients – our new AURUM soap, a natural soap with Aurum Potabile and ingredients from organic farming.

This fine soap is handmade in small batches. The only ingredients are coconut oil, cocoa butter, palm oil and rapeseed oil from organic farming, as well as water and the legendary “Aurum Potabile” (see menu item “Alchemical Essences” in our webshop). Essential oils from sandalwood, cedar, coriander, lavender, rose geranium, palmerosa, benjamin, linaloe, mandarin, orange and grapefruit create its delicate scent. The soap is very rich and energetically refreshing and invigorating. Tests at the LIFE-TESTinstitute have shown that “the energy level of AURUM Soap is clearly over 28000 Bovis/Bio-Angstrom. It is neutral, with a balanced energy field and good Yin-Yang balance. By virtue of its high energy, it is more than just a fine soap.” The institute’s assessment therefore was: “Energetically very good”.

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Please note that the Essences are not a medication or drug in the sense of orthodox medicine and our recommendations are not to be construed as a substitute for medical treatment by a doctor. In case of illness, always first consult your doctor or health care professional.